Premium Collection

For customers who appreciate fine arts and exclusivity.
We provide the final hand-made lengths of cloth, known as Batik Tulis which creation contain deep meaning in detail drawing and color. The process itself may take several months to produce and are consequently high in value.
From our high level skill of craftmanship using only high quality Cotton and Silk material, we provide following Batik Tulis:

  • Tulis Adiluhung. A fine art, the best quality batik with neat, tidy and exclusive color combination. The making might take six months to a year in process.
  • Tulis Halus. High quality batik, delicate writing. The making might take two months in average.
  • Tulis Dagel. Common written batik yet has a unique and interesting appearance based on the representation of certain region.


Authentic Line

For customers who enjoy arts and simplicity.
We present to you the skillful craftmanship on creating even Batik pattern using copper stamp known as Batik Cap. The process is much faster than Batik Tulis and is the least expensive of hand-processesd Batik.
Our product varies from cloth, apparel and accessories using Cotton, Silk and Polyester with following type of Batik Cap:

  • Cap Bledesan. The making of base color is processed lastly.
  • Cap Colet / Tolet. Adding some color in certain part of fabric using brush.
  • Cap Kesik. Adding Written Batik Method in some part of fabric.
  • Cap Kombinasi Tulis. Stamp Batik combined with Written Batik method to make the product more beautiful and valuable. First the main design is waxed with cap then the details is added with canting.


Fit For Fashion

For customers who are looking at the economical value, our Batik printed fabric might fit you. We provide quality goods made of Cotton, Polyester, Rayon or Viscose and suit the demand in massive amount and short period of time.
We have been providing our customers with Ready to Wear apparel, Uniform up to Souvenirs for organization or event such as:

  • Family Outfit on special occasion
  • Standard S to XL or Tailor Made Uniform for Company / Special Event
  • Stuffed items for birthday favor, e.g. Pillow
  • Souvenirs for giveaway, e.g. smartphone cover, namecard holder


The Signature

As a manifestation of our appreciation toward the arts and creativity, we currently release exclusive collections of The Signature handbags and purses.
Working closely with Piluss, license holder of international handbag brand Simone Boué France that is established since 1988, all of our bags and purses is unique, made of traditional material such as Batik Tulis, hand-woven cloths of tenun, cane work and plaited mats from various Indonesia region framed with high-quality genuine leather.
Every piece of product is created by experienced, skilled hands as an expression of national identity and pride.

Launching on July 2016 At the moment, this is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.