Care & Handling

Cleaning Instruction for Your Batik

Some attention will be necessary for your apparel

  1. Handwash only, use shampoo or mild soap. It has to be dissolved in the water until it is completely solvent. The use of detergent is BIG NO NO!
    • Due to the residue of waxes that still clinging on the fabric (will off once washed) and remembering the fabric has been saturated with dye in production, you can expect dye to come out of the garment (will not affect the quality of color) in the washing process. Therefore, separate from other laundry on first to second time washing.
    • Do not put batik in the washing machine, do not soak and gently remove any stains (if there’s any)
    • Wash and rinse in cool water
    • Hang to dry. Do not squeeze, and avoid under direct sunlight
    • A light steam ironing might be necessary. Avoid using high temperature when ironing
  2. Do not spry parfume directly to your batik
  3. Put your batik inside a plastic cover before putting it inside your wardrobe to prevent it from moth
  4. Do not use mothballs for it can relatively harsh and damage the fabric

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