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The Spirit of Creativity Meets Beauty

Along with our journey, in a short time we receive lots of support and appreciation specifically on our willingness to produce unique product based on customer requirement. We keep improving in all aspects by putting high appreciation towards each entity and environment that enable the creation of our product starting from the material, craftsmen, designers, merchants up to our dearest customer.
Please keep in mind that most of our ready-to-wear product are limited and individually made as one piece per size or even per item, since different size means similar but non-identical complexion. Consistently we aim not just to preserved Batik itself but also to bring all the craftsmen in having a better mature welfare by expanding the community, promote creativity, and enable Batik blending in such way appears as one simple yet sophisticated design that suits modern daily life and acceptable in most of occasion.

Purpose ~ Program ~ Principle
Our existence is to provide convenient Batik Stuff for family by producing good quality and practical functionality item
based on goodwill to solicit the customer on recognizing a distinct pride and identity
from inside out when using worthy local product

We serve as a partner to assert the ability on expanding creative home industry as an identity of Indonesian Family
by developing productivity within local environment and distributing the outcome through out the society
based on goodwill to share better interdependency and proper living standard all together

The Destination ~ Geography ~ In a Way
For any smart entity in a fair competitive market…
As a company, Batik Etnik aim to become a reliable benchmark in promoting Indonesia Human Resource
As a Product, Batik Etnik aim to become a quality determinant
By growing the pride as Batik Etnik stakeholder when taking a self reliance decision to take part on wearing a product, creating the market and leading the family

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Launching on July 2016 At the moment, this is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.